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Trudie Bartkus
8/20/1949 - 11/22/2007

*** Note: Most links are now dead.

The Final Sale of Trudie Dolls is Now Available!

Go to Final Trudie Doll Inventory for a list of available dolls.

I am selling the remaining stock that Trudie had made before her death last year.

I am also be selling Trudie's Private Collection of  dolls that she liked enough to keep one out for herself. They are noted in the description.

I blogged the description of our battle with cancer and it can be found at

Send me e-mail to patrckb (at) [that's patrick with out an "i" and then "b"] if you want to contact me.    Thanks, Patrick

Completely handmade collectable corn shuck (cornhusk) dolls made in an elaborate folk art tradition from the Appalachian mountains. Signed, dated and some of limited edition internationally awarded corn shuck (cornhusk) dolls. Historical figures, literary collectable corn shuck or cornhusk dolls which have been given as state gifts to the United Nations as well as Japanese dignitaries. Folk art cornhusk dolls which have been purchased for the Standard Oil collection and the Gone With the Wind Museum in Stone Mountain, Ga. Authentic handmade corn shuck (cornhusk) dolls given as state gifts from the Governor of Georgia to the Southern Governors of the United States. Authentic cornhusk (corn shuck) dolls given by the White House as gifts during the National Conference on the Status of Women.

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