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25th Anniversary Doll ('99)
Plaid accents on skirt and bodice holding paper bag "25 Yrs." w/ little doll inside
$79.50 *

Aboard the Santa Fe ('97)
Doll in traveling clothes, bonnet holding handmade tapestry valise
$72.50 *

Afternoon Tea ('03)
Fancy lady with French twist and ringlets, "up do," lacey shawl, and satin drawstring reticule.
$72.50 *

Amish Girl ('95)
Blue dress w/ black hearts - Amish hat - apple basket - no face
$65.50 *

Victorian / lace & ringlets, cream lace wings w/ gold glitter
$79.50 *

Anne of Avonlea
Fancy teacher-type with books

Anne of Green Gables
Dark green dress, lace trim, red French braid & seashells
$65.50 *

Anne of Windy Poplars ('03)
Sophisticated Anne Shirley in peplum suit with pancake hat, carrying "reticule" with "gibson girl" auburn hair and ringlets.
$72.50 *

Antebellum w/ Open Umbrella
Ringlets, net snood in hair and open corn shuck umbrella

Apple Annie
Navy dress, apple cutouts in apron & basket of red apples, ringlets
$65.50 *

Apple for my Teacher
Little girl, pinafore and long braids
holding one apple
$44.50 *

Autumn Wreath
Doll featured in an eyelet pinafore holding a grapevine w/ autumn leaves.

Baby Love
Mom, Hair up in bun,
w/Baby in blanket
$56.50 *

Beatrix Potter ('97)
Little girl, pinafore with rabbit, braids
$60.50 *

Beekeeper ('04)
Turn of the century beekeeper with a real "skep" (used to transport bees) in her hand.  Straw hat with bee netting and braided bun.  White lace trim and 3/4 puff sleeves

Betsy Ross
Navy blue, red trim, embroidering flag, muslin mop cap

Birds of a Feather
Girl / long braid with birdhouse
$84.75 *

Birthday Girl
puffy sleeves, heart cutout apron, ringlets and birthday gift in hands
$65.50 *

Black Pie Lady
Calico with pie, gold hoop earrings

Cream color, Very ornate, lace, lace veil, ringlets, pearls, flower bouquet
$98.50 *

Candle Dipper ('96)
Girl with scalloped collar & button placket ¾ puff sleeves, ringlets holding real candles on dipping frame
$72.50 *

Candle in the Window ('02)
Gibson Girl with mop hat, ringlets, candle stick, & real candle and plain shawl.

Careen O'Hara('06)
O'Hara is dressed in lace and a bolero jacket holding her missel.

Cheerleader ('04)
Turn of the century cheerleader with ringlets, pom-poms and antique leather magaphone.

Childhood Friends ('97)
Two girls on bench - quilting; one holding scraps
$174.00 *

Christmas Caroler
Caroler with fur trim, ringlets, fancy coat and red lantern
$79.50 *

Church Picnic
Very lacy girl, laced-lined bonnet w/ wooden picnic box, napkins sticking out, ¾ sleeves, ringlets
$74.50 *

Clara (Nutcracker Suite)
Fancy dress, little girl with ringlets holding nutcracker in arms
$74.50 *

Croquet Player
Dressy with ringlets, picture- hat tied with net, wicket, croquet mallet and ball in hand
$79.50 *

Cowboy and Lady
Cowboy w/ leather vest, belt & hat and girl in picture hat, braids being given flowers

Cracklin Rosie('06)
Young girl with cabbage roses in a trusted  tin flower bucket. Crocheted hat, long braid and intricately designed dress.

Simple w/ real cross-stitch (handmade)

Diana Barry
Lace bodice and sleeves, swag and bow skirt and lace purse, ringlets
$72.50 *

Doll Trudie
Ringlets, holding a rag doll, 3/4 puff sleeves, cream apron
$67.50 *

Elisa Doolittle
Lace collar, button placket apron w/ lace accent, ringlets holding antique shopkeepers box
$72.50 *

Fanny Price ('01)
Miss Fanny has a lacy bodice and hem trim, a crocheted and lined purse and lots of ringlets and a luxurious braid in her hair.
$72.50 *

First Harvest ('99)
Pinafore, heart cut outs, picture hat, basket of handmade fruit, ringlets
$67.50 *

French Maid
In black w/ lace jabot, cream apron, mop cap and real feather duster
$60.50 *

Garlands and Gingerbread ('97)
Lace & cream insert Christmas doll, ringlets, lace in hair, holding stocking ornament
$72.50 *

Georgia on my Mind ('02)
3/4 sleeves with lace, peach cut-outs in apron, hand-made peaches in a basket and crocheted raffia straw hat with ringlets.

Golfer ('05)
Turn of the century Lady Golfer with sun hat, crocheted lace "snood," and handmade golf club with leather-covered handle. Lace-trimmed bodice & sleeves solid-colored skirt with hand sewn raffia trim. 

Goose Girl
Girl w/ handmade goose under arm, eyelet pinafore, braids
$72.50 *

Hang a Shining Star
Red underskirt, green over dress, ¾ sleeves, lacy, ringlets, holding angel Christmas plaid ribbon accents
$79.50 *

Here Comes Santa ('98)
¾ sleeves, red base dress, green stripes, plaid ribbons, bonnet, holding Santa Clause figure
$72.50 *

Home for Christmas
Very lacy, dark green & red w/ vine wreath, ringlets
$74.50 *

Jane Austen
Our Most Popular Doll; as seen on the Today show. Ringlets, closed parasol

Jane Austin's Emma
Dark skirt, lace covered bodice, contrasting cummerbund ringlets, sketch book and pencil
$72.50 *

Joy to the World
Dark dress, plaid sailor collar, plaid stripes down dress front, ¾ length sleeves, Swedish braid & gold snood, on ringlet on shoulder holding little brass ornament

Simple w/ balls of yarn & knitting needles in acorn shell basket

Leg o' Mutton
Lace jabot bodice, leg o' mutton sleeves, contrasting skirt trim, hat box and ruffled corn shuck hat

Listening to Seashell
Girl w/ ruffled pinafore, seashells in basket and holding one up to ear with braids - with ringlets -
$60.50 *$65.50 *

Little Angel
Cream, gold trim, cream & gold glitter lace wings, braids
$60.50 *

Little Women: Beth
Fancy w/ringlets & sheet music

Little Women: Jo
2 piece, skirt & ruffled shirt, journal and quill pen

Little Women: Amy
Fancy, ringlets, primping w/ hand mirror

Little Women: Meg
Simple hair w/ netting & crossed braids in top, fancy dress with contrasting ribbons on dress front

Louisa May Alcott
Dressy teacher clothes, ¾ lace sleeves, hair in lace snood, book in hand
$67.86 *

Love Letters
Very elaborate Victorian lace bodice, lace trim skirt, ringlets, holding packet of letters tied w/ satin ribbon in one hand and open letter & envelope in other hand
$79.50 *

Marmie (Little Women)
Fancy Dress, hair in bun, mop cap holding open letter from Mr. March
$67.50 *

Marguerite's Sampler ('00)
Girl with long ringlets and a bun. She is holding a real stamped cross-stitch sampler with a wooden hoop.
$67.50 *

Maria Von Trapp ('99)
Swedish braids, embroidered trim and lacy sleeves and apron, holding sheet music.
$67.50 *

Marianne's New Hat ('00)
Elaborate doll with criss-cross ribboned bodice with lace inset. Big picture hat and large hat box and long ringlets
$84.50 *

Mary Lennox ('97)
Dark dress, long sleeves, pinafore picture hat, bird nest with bird in it, ringlets
$67.50 *

Little girl w/ handmade teddy bear & ringlets, eyelet pinafore

Merry Christmas
Dark green, red ribbons, ringlets & wrapped Christmas gift

Miss Martha'sville
Lacy, ringlets w/ flowery shopping bag that says "Richs, Atlanta"

Miss Mathis Dairy ('03)
Cute wooden milk bottles in wire delivery basket carried by doll with dual braids under plaid kerchief and puffy sleeves
$64.50 *

Miss Savannah
Ringlets, large picture hat, basket full of seashells
$65.50 *

Mom and Apple Pie
like pie lady but w/ eyelet pinafore
$53.50 *

Mom with Carriage
Dressed up Mom (like leg o' mutton) with a white wicker baby carriage and baby - 6" tall
$116.00 *

Native Daughter
Cherokee calico w/ bead necklace braids, basket of pine cones
$65.50 *

Red underskirt, green overdress with lace and plaid ribbon trim. ¾ sleeves w/ lace, plaid ribbons holding lantern snood and ringlets
$72.50 *

1910 Navy Nurse w/ cape & clipboard, nurses hat w/ red cross

Peplum Doll
Ringlets, lace jabot bodice,
"riding hat" tied with netting holding hat box

Pie Lady
Simple w/ handmade pie

Piney Grove ('02)
Eyelet pinafore, long braids, picture hat and basket of pine cones.

Rainy Day Fun
Little girl w/ cutout paper dolls and braids
$53.50 *

Rose from Titanic ('98)
Cream dress, blue stripes, blue hat and fancy umbrella, profile copper ringlets
$74.50 *

Sailor Girl
Navy w/ sailor collar, red ribbons, ringlets & school books
$65.50 *

Santa Collector ('04)
Dressy turn of the century Christmas doll with antique miniature Santa.  Named Santa Collector for all my collectors who have asked for one!  Ringlets and net covered snood on hair. Cream lace trim on sleeves and over skirt.
$68.50 *

Sara Plain & Tall ('97)
Train traveler w/ tapestry bag
$72.50 *

Seated Quilter
Seated in wicker ladder-back chair w/ quilting in her lap
$87.00 *

Seated Scrapbooking ('04)
Seated scrapbook enthusiast sitting in a twig chair with hand made scrapbook and scissors with antique images glued to the pages.  The scrapbook is bound with ribbons and lined with gold paper.  She has 3/4 puff sleeves, buttons and trim on her bodice and her hair is in ringlets.
$72.50 *

Silver Bells
Predominantly red and cream lace dress, ringlets, bonnet hat and Christmas shopping bag

Spring Fever ('96)
Doll with lace pinafore, trowel and gloves, picture hat, short puff sleeves and ringlets
$72.50 *

Spring Recital
Lace collar & apron trim, ringlets and sheet music
$72.50 *

State Fair
Calico w/ cream apron 3/4 sleeves, puffy calico bonnet, blue ribbon and jar of pickles, ringlets
$74.50 *

Suellen O'Hara
Suellen O'Hara is dressed for evening devotions and holding her lace hankie.
$75.00 *

Sunbonnet Sue
Dark under dress, ¾ sleeves pinafore with heart cutouts. Bonnet with eyelet, ringlets and bouquet of sunflowers
$72.50 *

Sunday Go To Meetin'
Black lady in calico w/ Bible & "funeral home" fan, straw bonnet

Sunday Meeting Day
White lady, big picture hat, ringlets, Bible, "funeral home" fan

Take me out to the Ballgame
Blue ¾ sleev dress w/ lace jabot, cream apron, red ribbons, "Your Favorite Team" (please specify) pennant, bag of peanuts
$72.50 *

Tasha Tudor ('96)
Seated lady in calico w/ crocheted hat holding bouquet of flowers
$79.50 *

Tasha's Gift ('99)
¾ sleeve dress w/ plaid apron straps, bonnet and plant in real flower pot, ringlets

Simple, lace jabot bodice, hair in bun or braids, school book & glasses

Teddy Bear Christmas ('99)
Dark skirt, contrasting liner, bodice, plaid collar,
button packet, Swedish braids and ringlets plaid skirt accents holding "teddy bear" ornament
$60.50 *

Tennis Player
Dressed in cream & light blue, hair in bun and sunhat tied on with net - handmade tennis racket
$75.50 *

Unsinkable Molly Brown ('98)
Burgundy, lacy burgundy picture hat, pocket book, ringlets
$72.50 *

Violin Player ('96)
Lace collared, scalloped riboned apron, ringlets, ¾ sleeves w/ lace, wooden violin under chin, handmade violin bow
$79.50 *

When I Get Old ('03)
Fancy lady dressed in deep purple with read ribbons and accents, ringlets and an "updo" and an unapologetic red hat. Black ebony walking stick with gold filigreed finial.
$75.00 *

White Christmas
Little girl with Winter clothes, green & red, fur muff & fur earmuffs
$72.50 *

Winter Wonderland ('96)
Doll with contrasting skirt and bodice rabbit fur hat and muff, Christmas bag, ringlets
$72.50 *

Other Products:

Note Cards Heavy stock cards (8) with 2 each of 4 color photographed views
$ 6.00



Color desired can be used unless otherwise described.

All dolls are approx 8" tall and are made of cornshucks including all clothes exclusive of lace or fur trim and flax hair.

* - denotes dolls still in limited edition (first hundred) at time of printing.


All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2017 Patrick Bartkus
Subject to Change Without Notice